Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

Some of us are more organized than others, but we all understand the importance of planning for the future. We wouldn’t dream of going without health insurance, and most of us began saving for retirement as soon as we started our careers. Our last will and testament is perhaps the most important plan of all because it’s our last chance to make our wishes known after we leave this world, and it should be updated every three to five years. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make your burial arrangements!

Most of us are too busy living our lives to think about dying, but making your funeral arrangements now ensures that you’ll get the type of send-off you want when your time comes; it also spares your grieving family from having to make decisions at a difficult time. And if the idea of being buried in a traditional wooden casket doesn’t appeal to you, our team at Glory Boats offers a great alternative! Most people don’t know that they’re not obligated to purchase their casket from the funeral home’s showroom or catalog, and shopping for a casket is like making any other purchase.

Our boat-shaped caskets are designed to fit into standard graves and grave liners, and they make a great centerpiece for memorable end-of-life celebrations. Glory Boat caskets are large enough to accommodate most individuals and look just like a scaled-down version of the venerable Jon Boat wrapped for storage. You can also customize your casket with several great camo and fish interior lining patterns.

Our customers are the type of people who are always happiest getting their line wet at their favorite fishing hole and frequently joke about wanting to be buried in their fishing boats. Our team is here to make that happen, and you can use our convenient “My Map To That Far Shore” document to start planning a funeral that your friends and loved ones will discuss for decades after you’re gone!

Contact us online to learn more, and dial (501) 216-2628 when you’re ready to order your American-made Glory Boat casket. We can ship your casket to any funeral home in North America, and offer shipping to most cities in 24-48 hours.