Glory Boats

The whole focus of Glory Boats is celebrating the lives of outdoorsmen and women. They know that almost every family has at least one outdoor enthusiast, and they want to shine a light on those meaningful moments spent in the woods or on the water.

Founder and CEO, Joel Schmidt has his own way of saying it. “Not all of us should be buried in a fishing boat casket, but we all know the ones who definitely should!”

Here are some great reasons to consider a Glory Boat for yourself, or your loved one:

Honoring Their Wishes – For many people, the traditional casket is their first choice. But for some, the time they spent outdoors in their boat is more reflective of who they are. If your loved one will be remembered for their love of hunting or fishing, consider Glory Boat caskets.

Telling Their Story – Some of the most heart-warming feed back families offer after using a Glory Boat casket to send off their loved one is how their Glory Boat sparked happy conversations at the funeral. “It was like a highlight reel of granddad’s life on the water” they often say.

Send Them Off in Style – When we talk about going to Glory in a way that uniquely suits us, we are saying we want our funeral to really celebrate who we are and show our individuality. Fishing boat caskets are definitely in that class of caskets!

The Family Touch – Glory Boats is a family business where every boat casket is hand crafted with love and care in Little Rock, AR. The boat caskets are delivered right to your funeral home in our vans by our family.

If you have any questions about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.