Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

Let’s face it: funerals can be somber affairs. Even when we do our best to honor and celebrate the life and special person we have loved, most of us are so stricken with grief all we can think about is life without them.

How do we suppose the person who is now looking down from Glory might feel to see that he has become a source of pain for his loved family and friends? He might possibly be wishing he could have done something to ease this difficult time.

That’s the beauty of Glory Boat caskets. Departing this world for the next in a boat casket has the power to transform a really dark time into a celebration of a life well lived!

“Of course people smiled when they saw granddad in the Glory Boat casket. But, the darkness of our loss almost disappeared with all of the great stories they told about fishing and hunting trips with him. It was like a highlight reel of his life!” A quote of many happy families.

Granddad may not yet know about Glory Boat caskets. But, even if he didn’t specify his wishes before departing, he and his loved ones can still enjoy the benefits of using a Glory Boat casket. They can be delivered within 24-48 hours anywhere in the eastern half of the United States.

Glory Boats are built to exactly fit standard size burial vaults. There is one version of the boat and top. But, it can be personalized with a choice of several interior fabric options. Glory Boat caskets can also be personalized with custom decals. Many families have us put on nick-names, or the name of his fish camp, or the hull number from the fishing boat he used in this life. Any of these are “no extra charge.”

Glory Boat caskets are rugged and tough on the outside. But, they’re soft and comfortable on the inside. With a weight load rating of 350 pounds Glory Boat caskets can accommodate folks of almost any size!

No special requirements when using Glory Boat caskets in place of traditional caskets. Use of standard vaults or grave liners are encouraged.

We’re always happy to spend time with you to discuss your wishes and make sure that your Glory Boat casket is just right. Call us 24-7 we keep the phone on for you! With our quick turnaround times you can count on us to have your boat ready when it’s time for you to load up the gear and head to the same glorious fishing hole as Simon-Peter, Andrew and all the great fishermen of past ages!

If you have any questions about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.


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