Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

Most people attend at least one funeral by the time they reach adulthood, and that number typically approaches double digits by middle age. Sometimes, the dearly departed is so well-known in his or her community that the pews are filled with mourners, and many families prefer to say goodbye at a small private ceremony. But we never know exactly when our time is coming, and there’s no better time than right now to plan your end-of-life celebration!

Each funeral or memorial service should be as unique as the guest of honor, and our team at Glory Boats is here to help you make your journey from this world to the next one in style! Our boat-shaped caskets can be used exactly like traditional caskets, they’re designed to fit into standard-size burial vaults and grave liners. Here are three tips to ensure that you get exactly the type of funeral that you want, and we’re always a phone call or mouse click away when you want to learn more about our American-made caskets.

Do your research-Shopping for a casket is just like making any other purchase, and you’re not limited to the traditional caskets available in the funeral home’s showroom or catalog. We can ship your glory boat casket to any funeral home in North America and offer shipping to most locations in 24-48 hours.

Put your plan in writing-It only takes a few minutes to complete our downloadable “My Map To That Far Shore” form, and you should keep it with your life insurance policies and your last will and testament. Glory Boat caskets are scaled-down versions of the venerable aluminum Jon Boat and are large enough to accommodate most individuals. You can also customize your casket with your choice of several great interior lining patterns.

Keep your plan current-Our lives can change quickly and often, and keeping your plan current spares your grieving family the hassle of making your burial arrangements at a difficult time. Be sure to re-examine your will every three to five years or any time you have a new life-changing event, such as the loss of a spouse or the birth of new grandchildren.

Contact us online to learn more, and dial 501-216-2628 when you’re ready to order your American-made Glory Boat casket!