Glory Boats

Most of us are too busy living our lives to think much about dying, but we all know it’s going to happen at some point in the future. We all hope it’s a distant future, but that’s certainly not up to us. Will your affairs be settled when your time comes?

Glory Boats is here to honor the lives of America’s outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen by providing suitable transportation between this world and the next one. When it’s time to take your final fishing expedition, we’ll help you take your trip in style! Our boat-shaped caskets are all built right here in the USA, and they’re designed and built to fit into standard-size vaults and grave liners, and they can be used exactly like traditional caskets. You can choose from several great camo and fish patterns for the casket’s interior lining, and they’re topped with a tough outdoor awning canvas stretched over a commercial-grade, welded aluminum frame. Our caskets are large enough to accommodate most users, and they make a great centerpiece for truly memorable end-of-life celebrations!

Making your own funeral arrangements enables you to plan the exact type of service that you want, and your grieving family won’t have to guess what you want when you can no longer speak for yourself. Funeral homes operate like other retailers, and you’ll be able to review an itemized list of services when you plan your service. You aren’t required to purchase a casket from the funeral home showroom or catalog, but you’ll need to make alternate arrangements in advance if you plan on purchasing your casket elsewhere. We can ship Glory Boat caskets to any funeral home in North America and can ship anywhere from the eastern United States to the Rocky Mountains within 24-48 hours!

Glory Boats customers are people who are accustomed to living their life on their own terms, our convenient My Map To That Far Shore document is a great way to make your final wishes known. You can also contact us at any time to learn more about our products and get started planning an end-of-life celebration that your family and friends will talk about for years!

To learn more about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.