Glory Boats

No two fishing trips are ever quite the same. Some of us are lucky enough to remember the day when we had the right bait and hit the right spot at exactly the right time, and we’ll tell anyone who cares to listen about the day they were practically jumping into the boat. But there are also those times we don’t like to talk about when the fish win, and we head home empty-handed. Though we might be disappointed at those times, it only steels our resolve to get back out there and keep casting!

Our team at Glory Boats understands what it’s like to have a passion for the outdoors, and we’re ready to help you plan your final fishing trip! Our boat-shaped caskets are built right here in the USA by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen (and outdoorswomen), and they’re the perfect centerpiece for a memorial end-of-life celebration! Planning your own funeral now only takes a few minutes, and it spares your grieving family from having to make decisions at a difficult time. You can use our free downloadable “My Map To That Far Shore” document to get started, and we’re always a phone call away when you have any questions about our products.

Shopping for a casket is like shopping for any other product, and you’re not limited to the caskets available in the funeral home’s showroom or catalog. Our caskets are designed and built to fit into standard-size vaults and grave liners and are large enough to accommodate most individuals. You can customize your casket with your choice of interior lining patterns, including several great fish and camo options. Your casket will be topped with a tough outdoor awning canvas stretched over a commercial-grade, welded aluminum frame, and it will look just like a scaled-down version of the venerable Jon Boat ready for storage.

When you’re preparing to journey from this world to the next one, we’re here to help you travel in style! We can ship your casket to the funeral home of your choice when the time comes, with shipping to most addresses in the USA in 24-48 hours.

To learn more about our products, Contact us online or at 501-216-2628.