Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

It’s not hard to understand why people love to fish, but it is difficult to put into words. Whether it’s carrying a bucket of nightcrawlers to the old fishin’ hole with grandpa or putting your prize bass boat in before the sun comes up, it’s a calling and a passion. Most people will tell you they live for the thrill of landing a big one, and there’s certainly nothing quite like sitting down to a dinner that you caught yourself. But the best part by far is spending quality time relaxing with family and friends.

Glory Boats celebrates the lives of outdoorsmen and women by providing suitable transportation from our world to the next one. Our boat caskets are an unconventional product for unconventional people, but a perfect fit for people who are happiest on the water. Contact us any time you’d like to learn more about including a boat casket in your end of life planning. We’re a company created by fishermen for fishermen, and we’ve noticed a few common traits shared by the people we’ve served over the years.

Patience-We all live for that special 1% of our time when we’re struggling to land a prize largemouth, but let’s not forget the value of boredom during the other 99% of the time. As youth, our dads would shush us frequently and tell us not to scare the fish. That’s often exactly the attitude that we should have as we approach life’s challenges. We need to learn to be quiet and let the fish swim to us sometime.

Commitment-The best things come to those who wait, and that’s never truer on a fishing trip. We spend a small fortune on gear and plenty of time preparing for every expedition. Once we get to the right spot and wet our hooks, that’s when the real work begins. There are much easier ways to put dinner on the table, but the work of fishing is definitely its own reward.

Grit-We don’t have to “live off the land” the way that we once did, but perhaps we could if we had to. In addition to being great for recreation, fishing is another step toward our goal of true self-sufficiency!

If you have any questions about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.