Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

Many of us grew up in traditional households and were often reminded that the family “always did it this way!” When we get old enough to realize how wise our parents really are, we spend the rest of our lives trying to fill their very large shoes. We honor our parents and grandparents by upholding their traditions and passing them on to our own children. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t start some traditions of our own!

Glory Boats celebrates the lives of outdoorsmen and women by providing suitable transportation from our world to the next one. Our boat-shaped caskets are designed and built to fit into standard-size vaults and grave liners, and they can be used exactly like traditional caskets. The only reason why no one in your family has been buried in a boat-shaped casket is that they didn’t exist yet!

Our company founder Joel Schmidt was in the emergency room at his father John’s side after an unfortunate accident. His 74-year-old father was still working as a self-employed electrician and broke several ribs after falling from a ladder at a construction site. It was the first time they had ever discussed his funeral arrangements, and Joel made the statement that he was glad to have the matter settled so he didn’t have to bury his dad in his fishing boat.

Joel never forgot that conversation with his father, and he created a company with a mission to encourage everyone to plan their departure from this life. Glory Boats are scaled-down versions of the venerable aluminum Jon Boat. Glory Boat caskets are large enough to accommodate most outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, and we offer your choice of multiple interior lining patterns.

Making your own funeral arrangements ahead of time spares your grieving family the burden of making decisions at a difficult time, and enables you to plan a truly memorable end-of-life celebration. You can complete“My Map to That Far Shore” to get started and can contact us any time for a free consultation. Our caskets are built in the USA, and we can ship your casket to the funeral home of your choice when you take your final fishing expedition!

To learn more about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.