Glory Boats Caskets

Glory Boat

Glory Boats can be used exactly like traditional caskets. They are designed and built to fit exactly into standard sized vaults and grave liners.

Casket Appearance

Glory Boat closed front viewGlory Boat closed side view with flowers

Funeral Examples

Glory Boat Funeral ExampleGlory Boat Example 2Glory Boat Example 3

Select an Interior Pattern

When purchasing a Glory Boat, we’ll customize the interior casket liner with the pattern of your choice. View your choices below. Click any image to see a larger version.

Waterfowler Camo

Waterfowler Camo Pattern

Muskie Camo

Muskie Camo Pattern

Crappie/Perch Camo

Crappie/Perch Camo Pattern

Bass Camo

Bass Camo Pattern

Pink Camo

Pink Camo Pattern

Fish 001

Fish 001 Pattern

Catfish Camo

Catfish Camo Pattern

Trout Camo

Trout Camo Pattern

Walleye Camo

Walleye Camo Pattern

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