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Glory Boat casket in nature

In addition to keeping your last will and testament updated, you owe it to your family to plan your own funeral. Funeral home advertisements put a lot of emphasis on their professionalism and customer service, and discuss the importance of letting them handle all of the arrangements. After all, a grieving family already has plenty on their mind!

But make no mistake about it: branded funeral homes are a big business. Over 2.4 million funerals take place each year in the United States, and it’s a $20 billion industry. Funeral homes provide a valuable service to their customers, but they always have shareholder value to think of. What this means is that you can expect your loved ones to be offered a bundle of value added services to send you off in style. These services can might include expensive caskets, elaborate floral arrangements, and multimedia presentations.

At Glory Boats, we celebrate the lives of outdoorsmen and women by providing suitable transportation from our world to the next one. Contact us today for more information about any of our products, which include boat caskets and hand-crafted urns. We’ll be happy to get you set up and ready when the time comes, and your family won’t feel obligated to purchase services that you don’t want. You’re a person of simple tastes, and there are better things to spend money on than a $10,000 casket!

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Funeral Rule, which makes it possible for you to choose only the goods and services you want or need, and pay only for those you select. be sure to review Paying Final Respects located at for more information about your rights as a customer. You can shop around and compare prices for caskets like any other product. You are also entitled to see a written itemized price list for services. You also need to find out what happens if you change your mind or move away, as well as what happens if the funeral home goes out of business or gets sold. Get everything in writing, and make sure your loved ones know where you keep the paperwork!

If you have any questions about our products, contact us online or at 501-216-2628.