Glory Boats

Glory Boat casket in nature

This world is not our home, and we’re just passing through. We all hope to live long and fruitful lives, and it’s important to ensure that our families are provided for when our time here is done. Warren Buffett encourages us to “write our own obituary and reverse-engineer it” to help us avoid making bad decisions in life, and we all understand the importance of proper estate planning and keeping our wills current. The final piece of the puzzle is making your funeral and burial arrangements now so your bereaved family won’t have to!

Our team at Glory Boats is here to help take the stress out of funeral planning, and you can use our convenient “My Map to That Far Shore” document to put your wishes in writing in just a few minutes. We’re excited to offer a great alternative to traditional wooden caskets, and our boat-shaped caskets are designed to fit into standard-size burial vaults and grave liners. Glory Boat caskets are large enough to accommodate most individuals and look just like a scaled-down version of the venerable Jon Boat. You can customize your casket with your favorite interior lining pattern, and it will be topped with a tough outdoor awning canvas stretched over a commercial-grade, welded aluminum frame.

Too many people, particularly men, leave this world without making their wishes known. Our company founder Joel Schmidt once had a difficult man-to-man conversation with his father, John, in the hospital. John was injured on the job while working as a self-employed electrical contractor at the age of 74, and while he was recovering, they mutually decided it was time for him to put his end-of-life plans in writing. Joel jokingly told his father if he didn’t make up his mind what he wanted, they might have been forced to bury him in his fishing boat!

John was soon released from the hospital, but that conversation stuck with Joel, and the rest is history. Our caskets make a great centerpiece for memorable end-of-life celebrations, and we offer shipping to any funeral home in North America, with shipping to most cities in 24-48 hours.

Contact us online to learn more, and dial 501-216-2628 when you’re ready to take your final journey in style in an American-made Glory Boat casket!