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Glory Boat casket in nature

Over 50 million Americans go fishing each year, and it’s an activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Most of us remember plenty of great man-to-man conversations with our dads and granddads on fishing trips, and women now make up a third of all anglers in the USA. Some people fish as a casual hobby, and many of us take it much more seriously. Whatever your situation may be, we can all agree that the worst fishing trip is better than the best day at work! Plenty of us mark our lives anticipating our next trip to our favorite fishing hole and dream of fishing expeditions that never end. Our team at Glory Boats is here to make that dream come true!

Many people don’t know they’re not obligated to purchase a casket from the funeral home showroom or catalog, and shopping for a casket is like making any other purchase. If you don’t see anything you like at the funeral home, we offer boat-shaped caskets to help you make your journey from this world to the next one in style!

Glory Boats are built by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts, and we can ship your casket to any funeral home in the USA. Our American-made caskets look like a scaled-down version of the venerable Jon Boat, and they’re designed and built to fit into standard-size vaults and grave liners. Glory Boat caskets are large enough to accommodate most individuals and topped with a tough outdoor awning canvas stretched over a commercial-grade, welded aluminum frame. You can also customize your order by choosing from several great interior lining patterns.

Men are often the least likely to plan their funerals, which forces their grieving families to make burial arrangements at a difficult time. Tomorrow is promised to no one, and planning your funeral now ensures that you’ll get the type of send-off you want when your time comes. It’s our mission to help our customers plan memorable end-of-life celebrations, and it only takes minutes to get started! You can use our convenient “My Map to That Far Shore” document to get started, and contact us online or dial 501-216-2628 to learn more about our products and order your Glory Boat casket!